The Anti-Constipation Smoothie

Hello everyone, to all those who are suffering from constipation I would like to share a remedy with you that worked for me as a Gastroparesis patient, and that would also work for normal people wh…

Source: The Anti-Constipation Smoothie


The Anti-Constipation Smoothie

Hello everyone, to all those who are suffering from constipation I would like to share a remedy with you that worked for me as a Gastroparesis patient, and that would also work for normal people who are just suffering from constipation. Note: Please read the descriptions because that is where I mention the ingredients’ benefits, why I chose them and how many you should put to make the smoothie.

So basically, what I’m going to share with you here is a little simple smoothie that would work like a laxative basically and help you eventually poop everyday. You should be drinking two glasses of it everyday in your diet to do the trick. It contains a lot of fiber, because as we know we need 20-25 g of fiber each day (women) and 30-35 g (men). If you are a male, you might need to drink  three glasses instead of two. So let us start with a sample picture of what the smoothie will look like here.

P.S: I know this looks all gooey and disgusting, but it doesn’t taste bad and just treat it like medicine. Also, hey….at least you don’t have to take pills or powder laxatives/stool softeners that you shouldn’t take for more than a week and never guarantee if they would work or stop you from getting constipation again.13128838_1102195073170591_1529690939_o

So the basic ingredients for this smoothie are:

  1. Chia Seeds:

Chia seeds are among the really nutritious foods in the world. They contains loads of fiber and protein, Omega-3 fatty acids and various micronutrients. So this is the first thing you put in the blender. Put 4 spoons of the seeds.

Chia seeds

2. Raspberries:

Among all fruits, raspberries win the race of being the most fibrous fruits. They also contain strong antioxidants. So put a couple of raspberries in the blender after the seeds.


3. Blackberries:

Blackberries also have a huge fiber continent and are good for your skin. So you also put a couple of these as well in the blender.


4. Grapes:

Grapes contain powerful antioxidants that prevents lots of different types of cancer. It has a lot of GI values and eating it leads to a healthy colon. Put a couple of these as well in the blender. And I suggest red grapes because their skin has more benefits than other grapes apparently.


5. Kiwi:

Kiwis may not have so much fiber continent, however they fill you body with fluid which makes passing stool easy and they have digestive enzymes. I know that Gastroparesis patients would be concerned that kiwis would make them get acid reflex, but fear not! because they don’t. I would say that the fruits that would make you get reflex are oranges, tangerines. Also lemons which are not fruits, but I just wanted to mention them anyways. So it is important that you cut up two kiwis not one but two to get the full effect of having the necessary fluid in your body to pass stool.


6. Pineapple:

Pineapples have huge amounts of nutrients and they contain insoluble fiber for those who have Gastroparesis and cannot tolerate fiber. Aaaand like kiwis, they also contain digestive enzymes and they don’t make you get acid reflex. So about 1 slice of pineapple will do. No more and no less.


7. Milk and if you have Gastroparesis I strongly suggest you use Skim Milk, because you probably can’t tolerate fat in diary. Also, if you can’t tolerate milk  you can use water and make it a juice instead of a smoothie, whatever works for you.

skim milk

8. Laaaaaaaaaaaast but not least, honey…. I strongly suggest you use honey for two reasons:

1. The fact that the smoothie might not taste so good because of the Chia seeds and the choice of fruits blended together.

2. It is definitely better than sugar and also does a better job in making the smoothie taste good. If you use sugar, you would have to add a lot of spoons to make it taste good.


Sooooooooooooooo, this is it for the smoothie, hope it helps and stay healthy!!!!!!!! Also leave comments below on what you think of it if you tried it, or if it worked for you or if not. Also if you have suggestions of other things I will be happy to read that. And if you have some issues regarding some symptoms from Gastroparesis or such I’ll be happy to discuss that with you. I’m no doctor but I thought I would put this out because it helped me and I thought maybe it could help others. So maybe you may have different effects from this maybe not. Because well you know, everybody is different. And note that there are three stages of Gastroparesis ranging from not so severe to severe. I personally don’t know where I’m at but I do follow a strict diet and I don’t freely eat all foods nor drinks. So I hope this works for all Gastroparesis patients.